Samsung Galaxy S3 Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3

In the world of mobile phones, many people believe that the iPhone is top dog. This is a phone, after all, that clearly acts like it’s the biggest, best and most beautiful phone on the market. In reality, though, this could be a case of phone swagger, as these days, Apple are no longer the undisputed kings of Smartphonia – that crown now belongs to Samsung. (Allegedly.)

A few years ago, Samsung didn’t mean much in the phone world; this was a market ruled by the likes of Nokia and Blackberry. Nowadays, however, the statistics tell a very different story, for Samsung have just been announced – for the third year running – as the top mobile phone maker in America.

With a hefty 25.3% of the market share, Samsung is by far the most popular phone manufacturer in the US, and it’s not that surprising with the amount of exceptional smartphones the Korean company has released in the past few years. Phones like the Galaxy S2, Nexus, and now the hotly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S3 have wowed critics and customers alike with their user-friendly design and innovative technology.

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S3, for instance, is just as anticipated as the iPhone 5, and it’s little wonder why. Rumoured to have an amazing 4.65inch super AMOLED screen, measure just 7mm thick and have a 1.8GHz quad-core processor, it’s easy to understand what all the fuss is about.

But it isn’t just Samsung who are taking over the American market – a certain operating system is also causing a stir. With an amazing 47.3% market share, Android are the kings of the OS in America. It could be their cutesy food-inspired names that have this hungry nation so in love with the Android OS but, we suspect, it may have more to do with the fact that Google have created a beautiful, easy-to-use operating system, which has gained them such a high market share. It probably won’t be surprising, then, that the Samsung Galaxy S3 will feature the latest, greatest Android 4.0.

Now that Samsung have cracked America, there’s a new target in site – India. Viewed as the battlefront between Nokia and Samsung, India is a huge country that accounts for 12% of the worldwide phone market. Soon, customers all over the world will be able to choose between the Samsung Galaxy S3, which comes with the ever-popular Android OS, and the Nokia Lumia 900, which comes with the Windows operating system Mango. It’s a tough choice really considering that both phones have their merits.

One of the good things about Samsung is that they’re so diverse when it comes to their platforms. Some phones, such as the Apple iPhone, will always remain true to one operating system – this isn’t the case with Samsung, who’ve toyed with offerings from the likes of Android, Windows, Bada and the OS-Formally-Known-As-MeeGo: Tizen.

The Galaxy S3 promises to be Samsung’s greatest offering yet. iPhone? What iPhone?